I’ve just finished the North American leg of the Sting and Paul Simon tour; my first time on the road with the this Custom ‘RAW’ XS tenor, and the horn performs like a true champion. From subtle to epic, the RAW’s beautiful sound and elegant mechanics had me sounding my best at every gig. Well done the gentlemen at Trevor James saxes!
— Andy Snitzer

What is a Trevor James Artist

Simply an established and recognised horn player who chooses to play on this award wining Trevor James sax by their own choice and not through any corporate sponsorship.


“How can I be a Trevor James sax artist”

If you are a professional or music college horn player, play on a Trevor James sax then drop us a line with your contact email, what horn you are currently playing  (plus serial number) along with your biography as we routinely update our list of artists.  We will be in touch should we consider adding you to our list of artists on this page and also on the main Trevor James global sax websites where  we hold the biography details and personal website link of all our named artists.                


Trevor James sax artists

“Uncompromising focus on excellence”

“The Signature Custom 'RAW' XS tenor is built with an uncompromising focus on excellence and detail, and offers amazing quality at a very reasonable price.  I love being on the road with this horn!"

— Andy Snitzer

“The Best Modern Horn out there!”

"It took a minute to realise that the Signature Custom 'RAW' XS was far away the best modern horn out there.  I've been loving the rich tone, amazing response, and construction quality. Perfect for the studio and on the road!"

— Steve Cole


“Just love this horn.”

"The Signature Custom 'RAW' tenor is amazing!  The fantastic sound projection and mechanics of the horn makes playing really easy.  Everyone who hears this horn are amazed at the roundness and fullness of tone...I love my 'RAW' tenor!" 

— Louis Van Taylor

“Simply phenomenal”

"The best modern saxophone out there.  I love the rich but present tone which makes it malleable for me to express myself honestly and directly through the instrument. The quality of the workmanship and materials are second to none!"

— James Morton

Music, video and photography credits to Steve Cole, Steve Peterson, Magic City Radar, I See Music Photography, Christian Nordstrom, Raj Haik and Andy Brush.




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