A free blowing pro tenor horn. 

"...The 'RAW' XS tenor is built with an uncompromising focus on excellence and detail, and offers amazing quality at a reasonable price point for a pro sax.  I can't wait to get out on the road with this horn."...Andy Snitzer 

With order books greater than we can build horns, the TJ Signature Custom tenor has broken new ground in the design and production of a professional horn.  The success of Trevor James Signature Custom tenor saxophones is because right from the very beginning, we knew it was important that it was carefully developed in close conversation and partnership with horn players and teachers.  

Launched in 2012 after more 2 years of testing, discussion and research with sax players around the world who told us they wanted "...a pro-horn which had the sound, the colour chart, the ability to push the 'dots' and the mechanism which would fall under the fingers so neatly that you would forget it was there", we slowly developed and grew the Signature Custom tenor though numerous prototypes and player involvement.  

With the amount of choice available to horn players nowadays, we knew we had to develop something that extra 'bit' special and its only when you get one of these horns in your hands, that you'll be able to feel and hear for yourself what we've been 'burning the midnight oil' working on for all these years.  

Words on a screen can only convey so much, so being a sax player yourself, you'll appreciate the need for the pro player to be completely confident that their horn will perform brilliantly day in/out straight from the case.  That you have a horn that doesn't need continual regulation.  One that is consistent and reliable!  It's therefore only through the actual playing of this award winning Signature Custom horn will you know that it really means business!  

Each Signature Custom tenor is built at our TJ sax workshops in Lenham, (U.K.) and comes with a 'Certificate of Manufacture' with the date and the name of the specialist sax technician who built it.

SC tenor options

  • 'RAW'
  • 'RAW' XS
  • Gold lacquer
  • Phosphor bronze 
  • Silver-plated

What are the most popular models?

The 'RAW XS' and 'RAW' models are the most popular however the gold lacquer Signature Custom tenor, which is the same instrument just with a gold lacquer applied on to the 'RAW' base, is becoming a wanted horn nowadays!

In this video, Jim Cheek at sax.co.uk talks about and plays the RAW and the RAW XS tenor.  The same instrument but with a very different visual look.

Hear the unique tone of the gold lacquered Sig Custom instrument played by Steve Kaldestad

'Bollywood Sax' by José Valentino on his RAW Xs tenor featuring Jessie Romero on percussion.

Testimonials - Don't just take our word for it!

   Louis Van Taylor                     (Kool and the Gang)

“The 'RAW' tenor is amazing first of all in sound projection and secondly the mechanics of the horn makes playing very easy...everyone who hears the sound of this horn are amazed at the roundness and fullness of tone.  I love my 'RAW' tenor..."

                Kim Waters                    (Recording Artist)

“The tone quality from the low register to the upper register is amazingly consistent. I've played all of the top name saxophones and this is the best horn that I have ever played!!"

           José Valentino                        2 x Latin Grammy nominee

“The 'RAW' XS is a beautiful instrument.  It can be sensitive one moment and then be let loose the next.  Wonderfully rich colours and stunning mechanics.  Man, I love this horn!"

North American Distributor for TJ Saxes Sandro Massullo with sax player Steve Kaldestad demonstrating the Trevor James RAW & RAW XS Vintage Tenor Saxophones. .



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