The Modern Day Vintage

The Trevor James 'RAW' and 'RAW XS' Signature Custom saxophone have been developed following more 2 years of testing, discussion and research with sax players around the world who wanted a genuine vintage sound along with an aged look to their instrument.  Unlike many other Companies who apply a coloured finish to the instrument to give it the appearance of being old, we have simply taken the saxophone in it's raw manufactured condition and added the mechanism.  So when we say the instrument is really is!!

With the older horns and their mechanism becoming fragile over the years through constant use, we have spent a lot of time researching the designs and durability of the older horns and utilising a naked or 'RAW' brass material for the body of the horn, we have added  mechanism which is very secure to the touch.  From the pivot screws down to the padding, we have looked at how you expect a pro horn to sound and feel.  The 'RAW' body tubing of the horn will begin to age naturally immediately you start playing the instrument and will look and play like a 'Vintage' sax without the worry of the mechanism going out of alignment.

'RAW' model

The 'Raw' alto body is exactly as it says, raw of the usual lacquer or plating which is usually applied to modern day horns.  This 'naked' appearance gives the instrument the old or 'Vintage' look and combined with a resilient modern mechanism and great set-up / build at our Lenham, Kent workshops ensures  a top quality pro horn which we are all proud of.  


'RAW XS' model

The 'Raw' XS saxophone starts out life as a 'RAW' model and then undergoes extra (XS) hand buffing to the body and mechanism which as sax players tell us "gives it a stunning clean appearance."  Over time the shininess fades to give a really realistic old sax look.  


Why is the 'RAW' darker than the XS version?

The main difference between the 'RAW' and 'RAW' XS models is that the RAW's wax finish applied to the body and mechanism which accentuates and gives an immediate aged look to the bare material. The 'XS' however does not have a wax finish and is hand buffed in our sax worshops to give it a very clean appearance.  Overtime the wax coating will fade and wear off the 'RAW' model to give a very unique 'Vintage' look to your horn.  The 'XS' being completely naked of wax or coating will begin the ageing process from the day you start playing it!


What do sax players think?

"Utterly insane not to try one..."

"...The TJ boffins were looking for a horn that would break them into the pro market. They've found it, and in so doing have rewritten the shortlist. It's not just a good horn, it's a great horn ‐ and for the price you'd have to be utterly, utterly insane not to try one before buying anything else"

Stephen Howard                                                        Author of the Haynes Saxophone Manual


"Wonderful horn!"

“I'm blessed to have such a wonderful horn to play.  Like most people, I was unaware of the existence of this sax until playing it at the NAMM Convention in Anaheim, CA when I fell in love with it.  Complete flexibility of sound and takes as much air as you want to give it.  Fabulous!!"

Dr José Valentino                                                            2-time Latin GRAMMY® nominated artist, composer, producer, educator, clinician, and record producer

Steve Cole on his TJ 'RAW' XS tenor

Steve Cole on his TJ 'RAW' XS tenor



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