Award winning alto and tenor pro saxophones designed and built in England



Alto sax 

The Signature Custom alto is a professional sax which bridges the gap between what the player 'demands' in their 'Horn' and what the manufacturer supplies in return.  

Tenor sax

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An award winning professional tenor sax range with the 'RAW XS' model leading the way with some of the World's leading sax players.                                                    


We are honoured and proud to have some of the World's leading players on our Trevor James Signature Custom horns as their sax of choice.                                    

“I've just finished the American leg of the Sting and Paul Simon tour and the RAW XS tenor performed like a true champion. From subtle to Epic...a stunning horn” - Andy Snitzer

"The Signature Custom Raw saxophone is one of the best modern saxophones I have played. I love the rich but present tone which is malleable enough for me to express myself honestly and directly through the instrument. The quality of the materials and workmanship are second to none". - James Morton

The stunning US based musician Jeff Kashiwa speaks about why he decided to change his horn set-up to the award-winning TJ RAW sax made by a small UK based Company